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Samantha Chen

Store Owner of QuintEssentiallyYours.com.sg

I have decided to start an online business in believing that people in Singapore do purchase items from overseas for own consumption. I LOVE HAVING THE FREEDOM OF BEING MY OWN BOSS! I stumbled upon XiaoBazaar, and the platform is really a good way of helping me monitor my stock level, my sales level, my products and customer registration and alot more but i have yet to fully explore it.

San San (Samantha)

House Of Plushies

The House Of Plushies Team

Store Owner of House of Plushies

We chanced upon a few others, tried them but somehow those shopping carts don't suit us. Either they are too expensive or the features are insufficient.
Then we managed to find XiaoBazaar. Though it is a newly startup company, we decided to give it a try. It is easy to register an account and upload our products.
Within few minutes, our shopping cart is up and ready. To our surprise, the functionality of the store is rather great. All necessary features are there and on top of that, there is multilingual and it works well on mobile phone. It is really an added feature for us.
We are continuing trying out what XiaoBazaar is providing us and making full use of them for our online store. Overall a good experience for us.



Store Owner of StoySmart.com

Dear XiaoBazaar,
Yes your team is very helpful and i can see your portal will be in great demand as most small company who are helpless and have been swindled off thousands of dollars just by setting website for you,yet they do not have good support. I myself have experienced 3 times paying 1st 5k and subsequently 2,8k and finally 2k and nothing workout until i am so frustrated. Then I google and found your free ecomnerce. Its great so far will not hesitate to refer those in need. You never know one day big company will buy your portal and you may strike rich. tks n rdgs samantha

Kwon HyukSang

From my perspective as a Korean, online shop market in Singapore is not as crazy as Korea, but it is certainly booming because of convenience and benefits of online shop. While looking for free online shops here, I’ve come across XiaoBazaar.com, and I am quite excited.
I am very pleased that XiaoBazaar has offered a platform for entrepreneurs to start an online store easily and allow me test my business model with little or no cost at all!