Common questions about XiaoBazaar

Getting Started

How many images can I post per product?

Max image size is 1Mb, 2 photos per product for the Free Plan, however, for paid plan, it will be a maximum of 5 images per product.

Currently not available , but you can choose 1 currency of your choice throughout your whole store.

Can i install a SSL Certificate of my own to my store?

We don’t have this feature at the moment, However, if you are using Paypal, customer is redirected to Paypal page which is https secure transactions.

Can i request to remove "Powered by XiaoBazaar" display at the bottom of the page?

Yes, the text will be removed when the store owner upgrade to a paid plan.

What about the marketplace is there fees can you explain a little about it please ?

Well, the marketplace is a place where all our XiaoBazaar stores' products will be listed there automatically. This means that whenever you upload a products on your XiaoBazaar store, that product will also be displayed in the marketplace. We do not charge any fees at all when you sell your products.

What are your upcoming features or future ones?

Our next immediate initiative is to have more skins/themes for store owners to choose . We are also actively listening to customers feedback to understand what new features that customers desire.

It seems that the template is really intuitive which is really awesome. However, I really would like to have my shop different from the standard themes which xiaobazaar offers. Perhaps something which I can customise including adding titles above the banner and more.

In order to make it intuitive for non technical users, we have really simplify many things, but the essential parts like putting your own business logo, having a slider page where you can showcase your products are included in the store, which is very simple to set up

If I get the 49.9$ plan for 200 products will it be adding on the 10 you get free making it 210 ?

If you get $49.9 plan, you will get 200 products upload, free 10 products upload is inclusive.

Can I import or export csv files?

Import and exporting product using csv is not available currently.

Can I add FAQ for customer concerns?

How are you? We don't have a Faq page but some of our store owners utilizes the blog section to create their own Faq. You may refer here http://gadgetsplayz.myxiaobazaar.com/blog .

Will I be able to integrate my own live chat to my customers now or in the future it's important to have this?

We don't have this feature at the moment, if there are more requests , we would roll out this feature.

For the paypal standard section i don't understand the fees it's asking is it the merchant fee or something else?

It's the additional fees you would like to charge customer for each transactions if he/she choose to pay via Paypal. E.g. customer is buying product price at $20, and you set additional fee 3.00. the total transactions price would be $23