Why we started this?

About us

XB advocates everyone to step out and try entrepreneurship,and XB provides entrepreneur an avenue to experiment their ideas, at the same time encouraging the lean startup model to quickly test their ideas by going to market fast.

Aim to be the focal point for all personal online stores for South East Asia Region, to hit 5000 stores by Q3 2014 .

About Us

XiaoBazaar is founded by Andy and Darren, who very much advocates entrepreneurship. Andy and Darren has the vision that one day, all individuals and companies will buy and sell stuff online. They will require a platform that is so simple to set up that one doesn't need a manual, and thus XiaoBazaar is bornt.

Andy and Darren are currently bootstrapping and being supported by Dr Virginia Cha , an experienced investor and a professor in National University of Singapore who believes in the founder's vision .Recently, XiaoBazaar was also awarded a grant by Singapore Institute of Technical Federation in believing their vision.